11 September 2022


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Welcome to the Conscious Consulting podcast, bringing together wisdom, leadership and consulting. 

My name is Christian Mayhofer, co-founder of Conscious Consulting Group and in this podcast episode we have the rare and precious opportunity to speak about a real case and project and their path towards an empowered organization. 

My special guest today is Hugh van Es, Managing Director at Swarovski Gemstones Thailand. 

Hugh grew up in Belgium and moved with his parents to Thailand in his early formative years, and since then living and working in Thailand, mainly in the cutting industry. He at that time was unfamiliar of anything called Empowerment or any other so called „modern management approaches/experiments“ but curious and open and very much supported by his Lead Manager, Herbert Schuler, then part of the executive team at Gemstones, responsible for production and today Member of the Board of Swarovski as Head of global operations.

In 2013/2014 CCG was addressed by the executive team of Swarovski Gemstones to support them on their quest towards EMPOWERMENT, to explore together what that would mean for them, if it would help them to overcome the manifold challenges they were facing at that time and to contribute to business results too.

While the first 6-9 months we were focussing on the management team at the core and head quarters in Wattens, Europe we were soon enrolling the whole global organization, in Europe, the Americas and Asia, Hongkong, Japan, greater China and Thailand, were large part of productions are based.

In this podcast we talk about his personal journey towards Empowerment, what are his learnings and success factors towards leading an empowered organization..