20 March 2022

IMPACT NETWORKS - A Powerful Approach To Complex Problems

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Welcome to the Conscious Consulting Podcast. My name is Julia Culen and this episode explores the power of Impact networks. My Guest today is Yingzhao Liu: when I meet Ying the first time in 2016 she was a Director for User Experience Design at LinkedIn and lived in a Buddhist Community. Her Keynote on „Integration“ she gave at a huge San Francisco conference impressed me deeply and since that times we are friends. 

Today Ying lives in Seattle she is a Leadership Lecturer at Stanford University, artist, mother, Designer and Strategist at Converge and Advisor at CCG. 

One of her key work focus is to consult impact networks: Ying is convinced, networks are the future of work and organizations. In this podcast we are exploring deeper in questions such as:

  • What is an impact network
  • And how to cultivate a network mindset
  • What are key success factors to grow and sustain impact networks?
  • what we can learn from nature
  • could networks replace hierarchies for good? 

To make it easier for you we created chapters, you can find the structure in the shownotes and go directly to a topic that interests you most. Or simply listen to the whole thing it is worthwhile. Enjoy!

1:30 - What is an impact network?

  • Structure
  • Leadership
  • Governance 

9:00’:  What is the difference between and impact networks and other types of networks? 

  • Purpose of Networks
  • Collaboration 
  • Emergence 
  • Examples of Impact Networks
  • Systemic Change
  • Relationship
  • Complexity

18’ - Network Mindset

  • Personal Purpose - why are we here? 
  • Distribution of power
  • Living Systems Worldviews
  • Mental Model of Complexes
  • Millenials and younger generations
  • Networks and emerging technologies like blockchain, DAOs.. 

23’ traditional organizations vs network 

  • relationship vs. task orientation
  • trust
  • consent based decision making model 

29’ Diversity & Inclusion 

  • Human and Group Dynamics 
  • Tools how make different perspectives visible 
  • Dealing with human emotions.. 

33’ Key Challenges and key success factors to keep it going

  • Commitment, Frustration 
  • Relationship & Friendship
  • People & Purpose 
  • Intentional weaving of relationships

38’ Yings personal journey

  • Experiences in her personal and professional life that draws her towards networks
  • Showing up as a whole and full person
  • Creating cultures of connection and trust 
  • making the intangible tangible 
  • people demanding meaningful worksplaces
  • The network way of working 

46’ : Taking inspiration from nature

  • our brain is a network and the forests are networks very
  • intelligent networks
  • recognizing nature’s organization
  • nested hierarchies 

To Connect with Ying: 



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    To learn more about impact networks: 


    https://www.converge.net/trainings--Ying will co-lead the Network Essentials workshop on April 8, 2022

    https://www.converge.net/trainings#toolkit--free resources for your work