28 February 2023

Nondual Neuroscience

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Welcome to the Conscious Consulting Podcast. In this episode you listen to Michael Kriegsman, PhD in Neuroscience, Data Science and CCG Consultant. This podcast was created during an internal lecture for the CCG Consulting Team, where Michael explores the boundaries and overlaps between Science and his own wisdom seeking. You will learn about topics like:

  • Cooperation and Competition in the Brain
  • 2 Theories about how Psychodelics work 
  • The idea of non-duality which is the idea of "either-or, black and white" is being transcended. 
  • Why we are 10 dimensional beings living in a 3 dimensional world
  • The limitations of science, the role of the unknown 

- what we can learn from ourselves from neurons. 

We at CCG aim to challenge and expand our knowledge and worldviews so we can deepen our awareness, expand our level of consciousness and learn from all disciplines for our business and consulting expertise and offerings. Because business is made of non-business ingredients.